Friday, July 23, 2010

Way forward

Strategies to improvise the current set up Commitment from stake holders of the project Action Plan to increase HVC preschools Community Expectation NGO's support

Our weaknesses

  • FUND
  • Space & Infra structure
  • Sponsorship
  • Teachers to join with low salary RM600
  • Insufficient financial support for Admin
  • Activities
  • Transport facilities for children
  • Office Automation for the preschool operation

Our Strength

  • MHS - Support from National & State level
  • Temple committee
  • HV teachers
  • Parents
  • Fund (including books/training/learning materials) from CCI/MCEF

Current Activities to raise fund

  • Food and Fun Fair
  • Children Talent Competition
  • Dinner Show
  • Treasurer Hunt
  • Temple Food Fair
  • Children Art Competition
  • Personal Contacts and networking

Sources Of Fund

Grant from MCEF
Grant from respective state Adun/MP
Donations from well wishers and philanthropist
HV temples - MHS fund (through fund raising activities district/state and national)
Respective ministries (?)

2010 - Action Plan

Budget Required for HVC Preschool
set up & operation
(For an additional of 12 news temple based schools in waiting list status for 2010)
New set up - Minimum RM20,000
(Class room renovation, table & chairs, teachers learning materials, reference books, kitchen utensils, wash room renovation for kids)
Teachers salary
1st teacher RM700 X 12 months RM7800
2st teacher RM500 X 12 months RM6000
Children Breakfast
(RM1 per child x 26 days x 12 months)
Stationery & Administrative cost(1 yr) RM5000
Children welfare & activities(1yr) RM5000

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Current Statistic of HVCP

25 Preschools
46 Over preschool teachers
700 Plus children
15 HVCP committee project members
1 Full time coordinator & part time assistant
5 state volunteer coordinators

HVCP's Support to Teachers and children welfare

Children Books
Children Uniform
Children Breakfast
Childrent Health/Medical Support
Teacher's advance and allowances
Emergency - Allocation

Books and Learning Tools

MCEF provides grants in the from of text books learning materials, childrent toys etc.

All books and learning tools are given free.

For Whom?

All Hindu underprivileged children are welcome. The school begins with three year olds on a full time classes. The preschool programs emphasizes academics and individual attention to attain basic education required to start the year one primary education.

As well as the main goals of the Hindu Vidhyalaaya under the Hindu Renaissance Action Plan to provide preschool education for all Hindu underprivileged children throughout the country.

HVCP Teachers & Teaching Materials

Teachers are trained by MCEF/CCI.

Teachers given all the relevant teaching materials to facilitate their teaching.

All teachers are trained on Language, moral values, religion, Science and maths.

All teachers are required to attend the training during the school holidays to equip themselves with the right knowledge and skills for their preschool teaching.

About the curriculum

Hindu Vidhyalaaya Preschool curriculum is designed to help each child grow to his/her potential within an atmosphere which nurtures positive self image and social skills is a non-biased environment. Qualified teachers are guides who motivate the children.

HVCP applies both National Preschool Curriculum and tailored made with Hinduism based subjects.

Provision is made for each child to experience language, moral values, science, creative art, music, religious and physical activity within a stuctured and unstructured schedule using developmentally appropriate practices and materials. Children are encouraged to experience their world, to grow and to develop independence.

Mission Statement

We provide the basic preschool education for all our poor and needy Malaysian Hindu children.

We nuture, educate and prepare our Hindu children for school year one in a respectful and diverse primary environment.

We inculcate good moral and religious values as part of thier learning process.

We teach them to speak well in mother tongue, Malay and English.